Private Bank Residential Mortgage in France

International Mortgages

Product Details:

  • Minimum purchase price: 1,000,000 EUR 
  • AUM required: 50%
  • Lending: 100% of the purchase 
  • Loan: Interest-only or amortised
  • Rate: Fixed or Variable  
  • Product: Available anywhere in France

Since Brexit some of the banks based in the UK/Channel Islands that could provide finance in France have pulled out of the market, and some of the French banks that could finance UK nationals couldn’t anymore since they were no longer EU citizens. This somehow created a gap in the market for these purchases that were not fit for retail French banks and were too small for private banks. Most private banks require at least 1,000,000 EUR in AUM. If you are purchasing a property for 1,200,000 EUR, bringing 1,000,000 EUR might not make sense. 
Suppose you do not qualify for a retail loan, in that case, Enness can help you identify private banks that will require less than 1,000,000 EUR in AUM, effectively increasing your net LTV compared to the majority of Private Bank lenders that need the minimum 1,000,000 EUR in AUM.