Holiday Lets Mortgage

UK Mortgages

Product Details

  • Product Term: 5 Year Fixed
  • Interest Rate: 5.99%
  • LTV: 75%
  • Product Fee: £995

When it comes to buy-to-let (BTL) finance, there are an array of different products, rates and structures available. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to million-pound-plus buy-to-let mortgages. You’ll find that personalised finance packages are most advantageous, and you’ll want to benefit from a solution that’s tailored to your income, assets and overall circumstances. Here at Enness, we have dealt with many different BTL scenarios over the years and nurtured some very close relationships with retail banks, private lenders and private banks operating in this area. Our independent status allows us to talk to all lenders with no restrictions. Consequently, we can negotiate bespoke BTL finance, which is structured around your needs. 

Many high street banks have taken a step away from non-traditional and very large buy-to-let mortgages, but there are still great deals to be found through these lenders. However, alternative lenders and private banks can increasingly offer the most attractive terms and rates.

Buy-to-let products are great for releasing equity and taking advantage of a slow market and can lend to 80% loan to value or over million-pound loans.