Residential Purchase for Globally Resident Clients, Looking to Buy a Family Home in the UK


Harry Derrick

UK Property
Harry Derrick

Harry Derrick

  • Client: UK Nationals, holding global Residencies
  • Property Value: Above £2m
  • Loan Amount: Circa £1.5m

In this case, Enness was approached by a married couple, one who was resident in the middle east and one in Europe. They wanted to purchase a family home in the UK as their main residential property, however theywould continue to work in their respective regions.

The client had a high-earning position and we needed a lender who would be comfortable with this being the sole source of income for all of their existing expenditure as well as  being able to cover their new purchase and any additional costs that may become applicable.

The challenge for this case was that we were working against a tight deadline and also ensuring that affordability would cover all of the new lenders requirements . There were also multiple jurisdictions involved which the lender had to be comfortable with too. 

The client needed to work with a broker and lender who understood the complex, cross boarder nature of the enquiry.

Moving quickly, Enness successfully negotiated a residential mortgage, with a lender who was comfortable with the clients new circumstances once they had completed on the property. Although the application took slightly longer than expected, we were able to keep the vendor and agents happy with regular updates and clear significant progress throughout the process. The clients were extremely proficient in all document requests, which always helps speed the process along as well. We arranged a mortgage that would track the Bank of England Base Rate so the client can immediately take advantage of  any reductions of the base rate, as well being able to meet the clients other product specific requirements for their needs and circumstances.

Enness has access to over 500 Lenders and can present the best possible terms to our clients. We have a presence in Dubai and can, therefore, better understand all the nuances of Middle Eastern clients. We specialize in dealing with ultra-high-net-worth individuals and can quickly understand the client profile and requirements.

If you or your clients are based in the Middle East and are experiencing difficulties arranging global finance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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