Canadian UBO Lombard Financing

13th October 2021

Zara Akbar

High Value Lombard Loan
Zara Akbar

Zara Akbar

Key Facts: 

  • Client: Canadian UBO
  • Shares: Shares listed on NASDAQ
  • Loan Amount: c. $5 Million
  • Loan to Value: 50% LTV
  • Interest Rate: 3.15% pa

A Lombard Loan is the practice of using marketable securities or other financial instruments as collateral for a loan. As a recent case highlights, lombard loans can be ideal if you want to respond to an unexpected opportunity but don’t have the capital you need available in cash.

In this case, a Canadian UBO approached us wanting to diversify his existing asset position and raise liquidity for future property purchase and domicile within Europe. We knew a Lombard Loan would be the perfect solution in this case, allowing the client maintain the long-term benefits of security ownership, all while accessing the capital he needs.

The client's shares were listed on NASDAQ with a market cap of $130 Million and an average daily trading volume of circa $10,000. With that in mind, we approached multiple lenders and we were able to source a very cost effective solution for our client. 

At Enness, we have relationships with a wide range of lenders that offer Lombard Loans and can facilitate these agreements on behalf of clients. We always source the best pricing and terms from the market tailored to the individual circumstances of the customer.