Interview with George Eid, Head of Global Sales and Vice President


As a successful business leader, with deep experience within the financial advisory sector, can you share what deep down drives you forward?  

I am driven by a genuine desire to help individuals and families achieve greater mobility, security, and global opportunities through second citizenship and residency. I have built my career with Arton capital over the past 15 years and our industry is on a continuous journey of change.  

Facilitating these life-changing transitions is incredibly rewarding and knowing that my work positively impacts the global economy and promotes cross-cultural understanding motivates me. Striving for excellence and staying at the forefront of industry innovation ensures Arton Capital remains a leader in the dynamic field of financial advisory for citizenship and residency by investment. Building strong relationships with clients and seeing their trust and satisfaction drives me to continuously enhance our services. Leading a talented team and fostering an environment where they can thrive is a major motivator, and developing future leaders within the company is immensely rewarding. 


And on your journey to date, what would you say has been the most significant moment or milestone that hasshaped the person you are today? 

In a Global and interconnected world there are so many challenges to get everyone aligned with a competitive strategy and winning model.  However, without persistence and dedication I would say it wouldn’t be possible. The most significant moment in my journey was successfully leading a complex, multi-national project that facilitated second citizenships for over 500 clients within a tight timeframe. This milestone not only showcased my ability to manage large-scale operations but also reinforced the importance of resilience, strategic thinking, and effective team collaboration.  


Arton Capital has huge breadth and scale with operation across 15 cities and has helped attract over US $3bn of foreign direct investment to countries, so how do you stay grounded and open to new opportunities?  

As part of Arton’s winning formula we believe in fostering true and strong partnerships which have enabled us to scale our business and reach new markets.  Relationships are key in every business and Arton Capital is not any different.  However, we have created a framework with our partners so that we grow together and find innovative ways of driving the business incentivizing them based on volume and loyalty.  We think of partners as an extension to our business as if they are part of our team and culture.  


Leadership often involves taking risks. But what role do you believe risk-taking plays in achieving success? 

Indeed, we saw this many times especially in the past couple of years from when the Pandemic happened, to the political turmoil and wars and even when, with the economic challenges from rising inflation and prices, we always felt that things would end, and business would slow down. However, quite the opposite, these have been pportunities for our Industry to reshape itself, moreover, our business saw exponential growth in these challenging times.  Risk according to me is equivalent to luck and opportunity and it is important to identify these moments as you may see new doors open for you and your business helping you cross new boundaries. 


What is your personal success philosophy, and how do you use this to inspire and motivate those around you? 
My personal success philosophy centers on the principles of integrity, continuous growth, and client-focused excellence but is not limited to clients, colleagues, and partners. If we are unable to care for our colleagues and families, then how are we to offer a state of the art service to our clients and partners? True success comes from consistently upholding ethical standards, seeking ongoing improvement, and delivering exceptional value to clients.

To inspire and motivate those around me, I lead by example, demonstrating dedication and a strong work ethic. I foster an environment of open communication and collaboration, encouraging my team to share ideas and take initiative. This philosophy not only drives my own success but also empowers those around me to strive for excellence and achieve their best. 


Overcoming challenge and displaying resilience is increasingly important in all aspects of life and work. Can you share any setbacks you have encountered, and how you have used those experiences to learn and grow? 

We must understand that not everything may go the way we want it and that sometimes it depends on external factors like governments or regulatory entities which can sometimes create setbacks, delays, or even regulatory changes to what the clients and partners expect as an outcome to our services. These are the times where extensive communication and transparency is required most and I have lived such moments repeatedly with our clients and this experience taught me the importance of agility and proactive problem-solving.

It also reinforced the value of staying informed about global regulatory environments and being prepared for rapid changes. I have also learned that nothing beats the truth and empathy in such times where integrity is needed the most. 


Uncovering, supporting, and backing ideas can often make a difference. But what do you believe is important when seeking to foster a culture of innovation and creativity? 

This is a good question, and we always encourage an internal culture of knowledge sharing within Arton and adopt technology to communicate effectively both internally and externally. One example is our www.PassportIndex.org, attracting more than 180 million users since its inception. The Passport Index has become a benchmark to rank Passports globally and their visa-free access.  Enabling our customers to have better access to accurate and efficient tools to get their information with touch is a huge game changer. 


Successful people often face challenges in balancing work, commitments, and personal life. How do you manage this balance, and what strategies do you use to prevent burnout? 

Scheduling breaks and taking time off with family whenever possible helps me recharge and staying focused and looking after a healthy diet and exercise are my stress release for preventing burnout. I also delegate tasks effectively, trusting my team to handle responsibilities, which alleviates some of the pressures and allows me to focus on strategic aspects of the business. 


You have already achieved a great deal in your career, so what keeps you going and ensures you bring your best self to your endevours? 

I bring my best self to my endeavors, which is a combination of intrinsic motivation and a commitment to continuous improvement. I am driven by a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of my clients and contributing to the success of my team and organisation.  

Additionally, I thrive on the challenge of setting and surpassing ambitious goals, which keeps me engaged and energised. To maintain momentum and bring my best self to my endeavours, I prioritise self-care, personal development, and fostering a supportive work environment. By continually seeking growth opportunities, staying connected to my purpose, and nurturing a healthy work-life balance, I can sustain my enthusiasm and deliver exceptional results. 


Finally, what is the one key piece of advice you would offer to those at the beginning of their career seeking to follow in your footsteps? 
I believe we are not born Global Citizens, but we can become one. It is in the heart of this philosophy that we empower our clients to become Global Citizens and where I strive every day to become one myself by cultivating a mindset of continuous learning and resilience and embracing every opportunity to expand our knowledge, develop new skills, and gain valuable experience.  

Being open to taking on challenges and learning from setbacks, as they are often the greatest opportunities for growth. By remaining adaptable, resilient, and committed to personal and professional development, you can overcome obstacles and achieve your goals in the dynamic world of global financial advisory. 


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