Bridging loans and bridging finance can be used in many ways to solve a whole host of mortgage and property problems. The Bridging Finance is ultra fragmented, complex and specialist – we are here to make it simple and to use it to solve your problems,

A bridging loan is a short-term finance option typically used in time-sensitive circumstances, often ‘bridging’ the gap between transactions, for example, between the selling and the buying of properties. These are ideal for clients that are looking to up-size or down-size the family home, property investors looking to refurbish their properties or a client wanting to secure their dream home before they’ve completed on their sale.

As it stands, the London market sees properties selling for £1M+, with sales sometimes taking several years to SELL. With this in mind, bridging loans are a favourable alternative for clients that want to secure funding for a property or for refurbishment costs in a fraction of that time.

As Associate Director, Chris Lloyd, explains in this insightful video, we at Enness can make bridging finance a possibility for you. We have arranged both commercial and residential bridging loans in the space of just Five days, with lender fees and interest added to the loan and typically no early re-payment charges.

If you’re looking to secure a bridging loan at market leading rates, our bridging experts would be happy to help.