How can I expand my Buy to Let portfolio?

18th January 2018

Do you want to learn how to navigate the 2017 PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority) changes and expand your buy to let property portfolio?

At the end of September, the PRA announced how all lenders will now have to change the way in which they underwrite buy to let mortgage applications for those with large buy to let portfolios. If you are a landlord with current, or future, plans to expand your portfolio, it is crucial that you are fully aware as to how these changes will affect you. Our expert mortgage brokers at Enness are on hand to help you navigate any variation in the market, and advise you on how best to prepare and overcome the new regulation imposed by the PRA.

Get in touch with our expert brokers today to learn how a high net worth mortgage brokerage can help you to expand your buy to let portfolio.

How to Buy and Finance Luxury Property in France

How to Buy and Finance Luxury Property in France Guide

France is one of the most popular property markets for foreign nationals: we are all aware of the chic appeal of Paris, the enduring allure of the Riviera in the summer or the freshness of the mountains in winter.

Covering everything from search and negotiation to making an offer and the legal processes, the guide will help you fulfil your dream of property ownership in France.

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