Is your annual bonus approaching?

The banker bonus season is now well underway, but it’s not only banking professionals who receive bonus income. Solicitors, accountants and even doctors can receive bonus income by way of a rewarding successful year and/or an incentive to keep a good employee at a company.

As bonus income can make up a sizable portion of an individual’s yearly salary, many are understandably keen to incorporate their bonus income when calculating what size mortgage they can afford. However, due to lenders having different criteria as to what percentage of bonus income they’ll accept, it can be challenging to discover how much you can borrow—and a rejected application can cause no end of hassle.

Senior Broker Victoria Barton explains your options in the video below, highlighting how a broker can help to maximise your bonus when applying for a large mortgage. Enness has developed excellent relationships with numerous lenders to ensure our clients can make the very most out of their specific bonus and bonus history.

Watch Victoria’s video below to discover the main hurdles and best solutions for clients seeking to maximise their bonus when applying for a mortgage.