Banks attracting high net worth individuals to become customers

7th Jul 12
Islay Robinson GROUP CEO

Islay Robinson

Million pound mortgage using other assets

Islay Robinson

Many of our Private Banks are using mortgage lending as a way of attracting high net worth individuals to become customers of their bank, heralding the rise of the million pound mortgage using other assets.

As a result, the best terms for million pound plus large mortgages are achieved when you are able to pledge other assets to a lender, either immediately or in the future, or use other services at the same time as taking the mortgage.

For example, we are able to:

  • Arrange up to 100% loan to value on a property purchase if other assets (say offshore cash, or bonds or stock) are pledged to the lender.
  • Achieve rates from as little at 1.25% over cost of funds if you move your personal banking to the lender and open and fund an investment account (discretionary or fiduciary, for example)
  • Arrange mortgages with very high income multiples if you move a trust or other entity to the lender to manage.

If you have taken a mortgage in the last 10 years you are probably used to the lender using the subject property as security and lending based on your income. We will take all of your circumstances into account when finding the right lender for you – this in turn opens up many more options and better terms. Read more about stock-based loans.

Call us for a quick conversation or email us with a basic outline of your requirements and let us tell you what is possible.