Loans secured against cash or liquid assets

Loans secured against cash or liquid assets

Chris Lloyd

With a lombard loan (Loans secured against cash or liquid assets), tailored to your personal needs, you increase your financial flexibility. For example, it provides a quick and simple way of bridging any personal or business liquidity shortages.

Alternatively, you can use the lombard loan to invest in potentially exciting opportunities without touching your existing securities portfolio.

In addition, lombard loans are extremely straightforward, and the type, amount, timeframe, and currency can be defined according to your wishes.

So Easy – The Lombard Loan

Lombard loans can be approved swiftly and simply against a pledge of assets that can easily be converted into liquidity – such as equities, bonds, and select life insurance policies with a surrender value.

You can borrow against the deposited assets up to a certain percentage of their market value. The applicable loan-to-value ratio will depend on the type, currency, quality, volatility, and tradability of the securities in question, as well as on the diversification of your portfolio, and will be reviewed at regular intervals.

The Right Solution for You in Different Situations

Loans secured against cash or liquid assets might be the right solution for you in a variety of situations:

• You need liquidity and want to stick to your existing investment strategy.
• You would like to optimize your current securities portfolio by securing additional capital (diversification or leverage financing).
• You are anticipating investment opportunities arising in the near future, and would like to put the necessary liquidity in place now.
• You see the potential for tax optimization through credit financed investments.