Refurbishment Bridge Loan for Monaco Property

Refurbishment Bridge Loan for Monaco Property

Key facts: 

  • Client: Monaco Resident 
  • Property Type: Townhouse in Monaco
  • Property Value: €19,000,000
  • Loan Amount: €7,920,000
  • LTV: 42%
  • Rate: 11% per annum, 12 months term 

Bridging finance in Monaco is increasingly known as one of the most flexible types of finance. These types of loans are frequently used by high-net-worth individuals who employ them in situations where time is of the essence or if they encounter a temporary cash-flow challenge. 

We were recently approached by a Monaco resident looking for bridging finance to do fund an improvement project in Monaco. The client wanted to raise substantial capital - at least 40% of the €19 million property value. 

It is very possible to borrow significant amounts when it comes to bridging finance, even if you are based in Monaco or own property in the Principality that you want to use as collateral for a loan. That said, knowing which lenders to approach, how to negotiate the deal and how to present your case is the difference between an average deal and a very competitive package.

In this case, we successfully arranged an excellent vehicle for very short-term finance. If you have questions about bridging finance in Monaco or if you would like to explore potential use cases or simply understand more about how this finance works, get in touch. One of Enness’ bridging brokers will be in touch to have an informal chat about your needs and talk in more depth about any questions or queries you have. 

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