A few comments from our clients about us and our services…

Enness Global Mortgages is the best firm you can work with when it comes of large mortgages. Efficient, fast and extremely responsive. The Team has extensive expertise in the financial sector and has a wide network of excellent business contacts. Located in the main financial centers London, Switzerland, Monaco, Dubai and Jersey has truly an international reach. Highly recommended.

– Silvia

I have used Enness in the past and did so with our most recent purchase. It was not the easiest of mortgages and yet the team managed to make it less stressful than it could have been. We were constantly kept up to date with what was happening, even receiving a call from our broker whilst she was on holiday!

– Ms Leighton

I have worked with Enness Global in several cases and have always been happy with their support and efficiency service. I am happy to recommend them to anyone looking for specialised mortgage finance.

– Mr Dani

We have been dealing and are dealing with Enness for some of our clients as we have to say that services are above expectations and they have managed to deliver on every case submitted.
When it comes to Enness services we have no hesitation to recommend them.

– Mr H Berhoune

Great team, highly professional and with fantastic connections to get the best deal. A pleasure to work with, particularly Toby

– Mr Stephan

I have worked with Hugh Wade-Jones over a number of years and always found him and his team to be highly professional, courteous and easy to deal with. I have introduced him to numerous contacts who have had a good experience with the firm.

– Mr Bell

Recent experience with Enness Global Mortgages trying to find a mortgage solution on a buy to let.
Chris Lloyd and his associate Alex Robertson have been highly helpful and particularly communicative throughout the process. As is usual with these things, lots of back and forth, lenders requesting a myriad of documents and supporting information. Chris and Alex were patient during the process with me as the required information is not always at hand or easy to acquire.
I have much appreciation for not only the service they provide but how they provided it.

– Phillip

Due to our employment circumstances, we were finding it very difficult to get a mortgage. Numerous other brokers said that we wouldn’t be able to get one, and Paige was our last resort. Her experience meant that she was great at thinking outside the box, and we are so happy that we are now on the property ladder! We really do appreciate her perseverance and patience. We would highly recommend Enness Global Mortgages.

– Ms Malet

Enness has an approach that is unique to other brokers. As a result, they are specific in who they work with to ensure a mutually beneficial experience and a bespoke service. The team is passionate about what they do, with the founders deeply involved. They are always looking to better an industry that is never easy to navigate as a general consumer.

– Ms M McKay

Enness was very helpful and acted swiftly in securing a mortgage agreement in principle and then turned the mortgage from survey to offer in a couple of weeks. My previous broker couldn’t even get me an agreement in principle!! You get what you pay for which is why Enness is now quoting my life cover.

– Mr Chalker

Enness is by the far the most professional firm in terms of advisory services I have ever dealt with. Their knowledge of the global property market is second to none and they are far more than a mortgage brokerage.
Their network of lenders and contacts is phenomenal and they absolutely do have the broadest access to the best mortgage products – this is not marketing spin. I have tried using other firms and there is no comparison.
I recommend Enness to all of my high net worth contacts and will continue to do so as they have never let me down and continue to exceed expectation.
Use Enness – you won’t regret it.

– Emily

Ennes took on my case to raise two sizeable mortgages simultaneously despite significant challenges on conventional bank lending terms. They achieved exactly what was required and communicated very well throughout the process.

– Mr G Ashworth

I’ve worked in Partnership with Hugh and Islay for over a decade. They are experts in the HNW market.

– Mr Moloney

Fergus Shires of Enness provided us with an excellent service. He was very professional, obliging and Knowledgeable. He kept us informed at every stage with our loan. Nothing was too much trouble for him.

– Susan and Keith W.

If you intend to look for a broker at Enness, I highly recommend Jack Goguelin. He really understands the clients' needs and has a special ability in solving any problem that may come up along the way.

– Mr Lagana