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Lifestyle | 08 Nov 21

GR8 Experiences: Accessing the Inaccessible

GR8 Experiences: Accessing the Inaccessible

1. What does GR8 specialise in? 

GR8 specializes in the creation and personalization of once of lifetime experiences based on our clients passions and interests. Our motto is if you can dream it, we can build it …..

2. What was the inspiration behind launching the company? 

I was interning at Wembley Stadium 12 years ago and I had the fortune of working on a truly unique experience assiting one of the Club’s clients. I was able to have our client’s son kick penalties against the English National team goalkeeper at the Stadium. At that moment, I was inspired and felt strongly that once in a lifetime experiences could have an amazing effect on people’s lives. I was very impacted by how happy the father and son were about this incredible experience that I decided to apply the same concept to creating a business that would help people build memories of a lifetime. That's how GR8 was born.

Adam Scott at the Masters.png

3. What does your clientele look like?   

We work with UHNW individuals as well as companies looking to entertain top clients and executives. At GR8, our biggest strengths are access to the inaccessible, a network of incredible relationships all over the world, which allows us to always be experts in what we do and offer a behind the scenes knowledge that is unparalleled, and finally a dedication to service which is unmatched. Our goal is to offer a three Michelin star service during all of our experiences so that our clients are not only building memories of a lifetime but all they have to concentrate only on having a good time because they know GR8 is going to offer them a seamless experience.

4. Which countries can you offer experiences in?

We are a company with global capabilities that can offer opportunities throughout the world. We have worked in every continent from Europe to the USA, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.  

5. What is the:

a) most expensive experience you’ve ever arranged? 

We have done experiences of all ranges from multi-million dollar experiences like shadowing your favourite athlete for a few days, to incredible opportunities like landing a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier for half million dollars a person. After 11 years of sourcing the most exceptional experiences in the world, there really is nothing GR8 cannot do.  

Fighter Jet Experience.png

b) most extravagant experience you’ve ever arranged?

A really extravagant experience that we have delivered in the past is called Murder on the Orient Express. The concept for this experience is a fully immersive and interactive murder mystery set in the 1920s. Everything that happens on the famous train, which of course has been fully privatized, has a direct correlation to the murder mystery. We hired a troop of 25 actors all dressed in 1920's clothing who have different roles throughout the 24-hour journey. Everything leads to the great reveal at the end of the trip. Clients have gone as far as to say that it was a greatest immersive experience they were ever a part of.

Suite on the Orient Express.jpg

c) your personal favourite experience?

My favourite for sure is our renowned culinary event ONCE UPON A KITCHEN which we have been running since 2017. We have exclusive relationships with some of the top Michelin starred chefs in the world such as Massimo Bottura, Mauro Colagreco, Joan Roca, Alain Ducasse and many more,  and the event is being brought throughout the world in 2022. ONCE UPON A KITCHEN is our flagship event and one of the only 3 Michelin star collaborations between top chefs in the world. In 2018, we even had the number's 1, 2 and 3 chefs in the world according to the 50 best restaurants ranking, all cooking under one roof. Something which had never been accomplished before in the culinary world.  

Massimo Bottura, Joan Roca & Mauro Colagreco at OUAK 2018.jpg

6. How are the demands of the UHNW segment changing when it comes to travel and lifestyle?

UHNWIs are looking to spend their money on unique experiences even more than luxury goods or traditional travel. We are seeing a huge shift in perception about what a once in a lifetime experience is. Our clients' requests are becoming more interesting, more unique and as our company grows, we continue to see an incredible desire for ‘money can’t buy’ type of experiences. Our clients want their dreams to become reality for themselves, their families and friends, and they know GR8 will deliver.

OUAK 2019 in Miami.jpg

7. And finally, what’s next for GR8 Group?

We continue to develop our product with once in a lifetime experiences. We are heading into 2022 with many new projects and opportunities and are seeing amazing growth for our company and the industry. At the same time, I still want to translate that special feeling I had at Wembley and make sure that the first objective at GR8 is always creating memories of a lifetime.  That’s the metric of our success!

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