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Lifestyle | 02 Jul 21

Vista Lago Residences: Property Investment in Marbella

Vista Lago Residences: Property Investment in Marbella

Most of us buy a house because it’s in the right place and we like it, but it would be foolish to sign on the dotted line without considering its re-sale value. We may want to, or have to, sell it at some point thereafter, and this makes our new home an investment, like it or not.

Although all property, by definition, is a solid investment, we use the adjective loosely, meaning an investment that will give us the best return possible, and that can only be achieved if the house we buy is as appealing to others as it is to us. We could take a risk and buy in an area that is likely to become fashionable when a hypothetical sales date arrives, or we could buy a house that appeals to us and very few other people, and… well, you get the drift.

Or we could buy an objectively beautiful and well-constructed home in an exclusive area that has proven itself to have great investment potential. That translates into the only mountain plot left with magnificent views in the Marbella area of Southern Spain, and it’s located between the famous La Zagaleta residential development and the iconic La Concha Mountain. The name is Real de la Quinta, and within this luxury neighbourhood lies the most exclusive development of all: Vista Lago Residences, developed by BRIGHT.


The Long-term Value of Quality and Location 

So what makes a Vista Lago villa such an attractive investment, apart from being a beautiful residence in the right place? There is no single answer, because there is no single reason why more and more people are lining up to purchase luxury properties in the Marbella area.


To some extent, it has to do with the development history of the area. Marbella was never a mass tourism destination. While ranking number 46 in population size in Spain, marginally smaller than the cities of Salamanca and Huelva, for example, it covers a large area that has not been overbuilt, compared to most of the other tourism towns along the rest of the Costa del Sol. But more importantly, development has been controlled to prevent the building of numerous high-density low-cost holiday home developments. Many foreign tourists might be surprised to know that most of the luxury homes along the beach fronts on both sides of Marbella are not owned by wealthy foreigners, but wealthy Spaniards. They value their exclusivity, and they want to keep it that way.


Another reason is climate, and that means more than the sunny Spain we all know about. Marbella has a micro-climate, protected from the excess heat from the north by the Sierra Blanca mountain range, resulting in a warm and pleasant temperature with just enough rain to keep the grass green and the reservoirs filled.

Something everyone wants

And then we have the nitty gritty: the economy at this delicate time in our lives. Although it may appear to fly in the face of logic, the value of high-end properties in the Marbella area has increased over recent months, and according to many experts in the field, it will continue to rise in the foreseeable future.  While the shock to the world economy could be expected to adversely affect property prices worldwide, this is not the case with regard to the highest end of the property market in Southern Spain. This is partly due to a historic trend seen over decades, and partly due to the demand, at this time, for luxury living in relatively isolated splendour. Or to use shorter words: getting away from it all, but not too far away. A wise long-term investment is one that looks far into the past and far into the future.


The percentage of wealthy buyers has remained steady at 80 percent over many years in this exclusive area, while enquiries have increased by 25 percent since late June of this year. Average sales by one well-known luxury property agency rose by 55 percent in the two-month period following the end of lockdown.

Quality of life

Lifestyle is clearly the main factor here, and the quality of one’s lifestyle is directly linked to the quality and exact location of one’s home. And this is where Vista Lago Residences holds the advantage over other luxury developments, comprising 18 individually designed sustainable villas with infinity pools, large terraces, ample gardens and spaces for home offices, entertainment rooms and gyms. Add to this the privileged location, at just 15 minutes from the centre of Marbella, a short drive to the beaches, and the most magnificent and unique views over the Mediterranean, Gibraltar and the African coast beyond, and you have something that is little short of absolute perfection. You can see the stunning views in this short timelaspe video of day turning to night taken from the Vista Lago plot.

A solid investment

A solid investment means exclusivity, both in the property itself and its location; sustainability, with all the amenities needed on your doorstep and in your villa, resulting in a property within a resort that you will not need to leave unless by desire; being part of an exclusive neighbourhood that is La Real de la Quinta, a solid, dependable company that has been building luxury Marbella homes for the past three decades. And last but not least, having the peace of mind of a BREEAM certificate. The internationally recognised BREEAM certificate is especially attractive to investors in that it adds value to property through sustainability and quality construction, resulting in increased market value and long-term resilience. It is, in effect, a guarantee of peace of mind when it comes to signing on the dotted line, and peace of mind is especially attractive to all of us at this time.

For more information on Vista Lago Residences visit Reserve your villa by emailing the BRIGHT sales team on: [email protected] – or calling (+34) 648 981 111. The future is BRIGHT

Written by Islay Robinson

Islay Robinson