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Lifestyle | 13 Apr 22

JOALI Maldives: A Wonderland of Creativity, Indulgence and Adventure

JOALI Maldives: A Wonderland of Creativity, Indulgence and Adventure

JOALI offers two spectacular islands in the Maldives, nestled in a dreamscape of shimmering lagoons, ivory sands and lush palms. While both properties share a common vision, each has its own distinct identity.

1. The resort was founded by the Turkish entrepreneur Esin Güral Argat - what inspired her to start a business in the hospitality industry? 

Our story began with the dream of a uniquely artistic resort, tucked away in the stunning Raa Atoll. Thus, JOALI Maldives was born, a wonderland of creativity, indulgence, and adventure. Here, travellers can experience the joy of living through an incredible collection of artworks that unfold across the island.

The idea of a second property emerged from our vision of bespoke wellbeing, thus JOALI BEING, the only nature immersive wellbeing island retreat of its kind in the Maldives, joins its sister property JOALI Maldives, in the remote northern Raa Atoll.

Combining sustainable design, exquisite villas, and a paradisiacal setting, for both offerings we wanted to find special locations that were untouched and very remote. We decided to purchase neighbouring islands, introducing two signature and unique offerings where every element of each island work together to bring to life specialised spaces, opportunities, and unique moments that lend themselves to a vast array of possibilities

Along with infusing established practices and luxuries associated with the destination, JOALI BEING’s transformative venues offer discerning wellbeing travellers the opportunity to open doors to new pathways of wellbeing not yet seen before in the region.


2. What are the two islands JOALI offers and how do they differ? 

JOALI Maldives is the brand’s first property in the region, an art-immersive resort and follows the philosophy of ‘Joy of Living’. Born in collaboration with internationally acclaimed design studios, it offers an inspiring story-telling journey through the works of celebrated artists from around the world that are showcased across the island.

The newly opened JOALI BEING, is a nature-immersive wellbeing island retreat, where wellbeing is so much more than just an expression – it is a way of life, of being. Instead of a traditional resort with a spa experience and facilities, we offer transformative journeys and personalised programmes based on the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING, covering the Mind, Microbiome, Skin and Energy, aiming for guests to leave home renewed, uplifted, and inspired with a sense of ‘weightlessness’.

Our treatments and signature immersion programmes are tailored to individual lifestyles and goals and draw on modern science and time-honoured traditions alike, bringing together curated treatments, therapies, and experiences.

The retreat has been built using Biophilic design principles, integrating architecture and design with nature, to achieve harmony and enhance energy flow with a collection of unique transformational spaces that offer endless possibilities for reflection and healing, from sound treatments and hydrotherapy to our herbology centre and learning facilities.

JOALI Maldives - Enness Global

3. Why was the art element so vital for JOALI Maldives and what art movements does this resort feature? 

Art is an expression of personalities and places – dates all the way back to the dawn of history, here at JOALI Maldives, we have collaborated with artists around the world to evoke beauty of nature.

Guests can embark on a journey, and seek out each location on our Art Map. Explore vernacular architecture as you marvel at Bushra and KARA. Be amazed by the textures of Maldives Vibes and The Table, and the playful adaptation of materials with Terra Cotta Furniture, Ceramic Mini Stools, Maldivian Heron, Evolution Chair and many more

The brand is passionate about female empowerment hence, we nurture and create platforms to promote local artists. 

4. The second island and resort, JOALI BEING, was opened in November 2021. What facilities and treatments does the resort offer? 

Guests can restore their inner balance through the healing harmony of sounds and vibrations, in a mesmerising space created by sound healing visionaries at JOALI BEING.

Set amidst the island’s lush jungle, the Discovery Sound Path, is a meditative musical garden that resonates with the natural rhythms of the island, and can be experienced in various ways that will elevate your senses and feed your spirit.

This secluded palm-fringed trail leads to our sound therapy oasis SEDA, our specially designed music therapy room that consists of an archetypal configuration of large-scale sound healing instruments, including oversized swinging chimes, plate bells, storm drums, tubular bells and a one-of-a-kind Nidrantar sound bed.

Another experience worth highlighting is the Cryotherapy we offer at Core. Using low temperatures, down to -80 C, it is known for its positive impact on overall health, restoring energy levels, and skin condition. While it’s gaining popularity across the world, here we offer a unique opportunity to try all the benefits of cold therapy in our Cryochamber, the first in the Maldives.


5. How does the target audience differ between the two islands? 

JOALI BEING is the beginning of a transformative journey, catering for 12 year olds and above. From soulful relaxation to customised nutrition and interactive learning, we create wellbeing experiences tailored to individual lifestyles and goals.

We invite seekers to reconnect with themselves and meet them where they are as we guide them on a journey of self-discovery and renewal with the ultimate aim for guests to return home feeling renewed, uplifted and inspired, with a new sense of ‘weightlessness’.

JOALI Maldives - Enness Global

6. What trends are you seeing emerge in the luxury hospitality industry? 

Travel is evolving, especially in the past two years, it has changed drastically. People are seeking more meaningful experiences, more people appreciate time in nature, especially after the lockdowns. 

Villas at both JOALI Maldives and JOALI BEING offer a sense of space and nature at your fingertips, with biophilic design of JOALI BEING immersing guests in the natural beauty of the Maldives. 

JOALI Maldives caters for a multi-generational journey with sophisticated culinary arts, castaway experiences and adventure in nature from underwater to land sports, and 13 art installations around the island offer a unique experience for all ages. A creative kids club, Muramas and Art Studio are a haven for children; whether it's an adventure or bucket-list moment, the island has it covered.

The growing expectation is for the implementation of wellness being integrated into all areas our of daily touchpoints, with the notion that wellness should be part of the infrastructure of our lives, not an addition to it. 

People want to feel vital, healthy, and strong. Now the subject of wellness has come into our daily lives, there are a growing number, not only the curious traveller, who seek the answers of what is important in their own health which has impact on their way of being, including travelling and holiday choices. Modern travellers are also seeking to disconnect from their busy schedules and technology; that's why we have plug points purposefully away from your bed, and Wi-Fi is not available in public spaces. 

As the world is now yearning for healthier lifestyle and overall wellbeing, we already see a great interest in our concept from all over the world and look forward to welcoming wellness seekers in 2022, inviting them for a journey of self-discovery and renewal. 

JOALI Maldives - Enness Global

7. What is next for JOALI? 

Travel is ever evolving, we opened our first resort, JOALI Maldives in 2018 and the second brand in 2021 hence there are many exciting additions in the horizon.

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