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Lifestyle | 02 Dec 21

Inside The Aerial: British Virgin Islands Eco Resort

Inside The Aerial: British Virgin Islands Eco Resort

1. What is the philosophy of The Aerial?

The philosophy of The Aerial is to elevate people and places. The Aerial is an epicenter for positive change. The space is not only designed to elevate one’s mind, body, and spirit, it is also designed to gather people who are passionate about solving global issues, growing and healing together, and sharing best practices in their fields of passion and expertise. 

2. What does your clientele look like? 

  • Groups coming together to solve or build something. Ex: Top NGO’s on the planet that respond to disasters to share disaster best practices leading up to hurricane season: Resiliency Summit
  • Visionaries looking for their next breakthrough 
  • Artists creating their next best album
  • Incubators for creative pursuits
  • Authors coming to write their next best book
  • Entrepreneurs that are changing the world for the better hosting mastermind groups
  • Individuals looking to find center and elevate their life
  • Families looking for private holistic, fun and/or healing experiences
  • Philanthropists looking to provide a deeply impactful experience, such as the Heal the Heroes summit for veterans

The Aerial

3. What is an Elevate Summit and the meaning of the 5 pillars of the island?

The Aerial BVI is a private island with a curated experience founded on the 5 core pillars of our ethos for living Elevated Life: Dream, Abundance, Presence, Strength, Love. Each pillar works together to create a synergy resulting in success and fulfillment in every area of one’s life, therefore achieving what The Aerial has coined as “Whole Life Success.”

  • The Elevate Dream Summit: is designed for you to be able to get clear. Clear on how to make your one chance on Earth the most impactful it can be. Get clear on your purpose, and clear on your plan. Leaving this Summit, you will know who you want to become, what you want to do, and EXACTLY what you need to do to get there. We dive deep to understand what limiting beliefs are holding you back and replace them with limitless beliefs. You will be armed with the tools to be able to recalculate after life swings and you will leave with relationships that will help hold you accountable to never quitting on your potential. Come gain the clarity required to Elevate your Dreams and turn them into reality.
  • The Elevate Abundance Summit: Breakthrough into the life of wealth and abundance you desire to walk in, so that you can access the resources required to be able to give and serve more. Building wealth so you can scale your life’s mission and purpose.  You can’t give what you don’t have. Learn why the world NEEDS you to be wealthy and how to drop the limiting mindset or beliefs that are holding you back. Learn how to build the mindset and habits to be able to acquire wealth and be given access to resources for you to start elevating. You will learn from force for good multi-millionaires on how they went from broke to woke in their mindset, relationships, achievements and wealth and how you can too.
  • The Elevate Presence Summit: There is nothing more powerful than being able to live in the present moment. The Elevate Presence Summit has been cultivated to bring you the ability to BE.  You will bask in the true presence of full silence with no distractions. You will finally be present with yourself, the calming of a breeze, the vast beauty of the sea, the genuine warmth of the sun. By the end of this experience, you will gain a deeper level of clarity that will transcend into your daily life, allowing you to go beyond being a human doing and welcome your human being.
  • The Elevate Strength Summit: Identify WHO you are when you are walking in your full strength. Adopt the mindsets required for you to stay on mission and be resilient to life’s most difficult challenges. Identify and eliminate whatever it is that is holding you back from living the life you truly want and deserve. Gain the mindset, skills, and routines required for you to exist at the next level. Simultaneously you’ll be learning what strength really looks like for you, where it comes from, and how you can harness it to elevate not only your mind, body, and spirit but how it affects your finances, your joy, your impact and your legacy. You are part of something bigger than yourself, it serves no one to play small. 
  • The Elevate Love Summit: There is no greater force on Earth than Love, it’s what we breathe for, it’s how we connect and is what makes life full. At the Elevate Love Summit, you will heal to the point of understanding just how worthy you are, just how beautiful you are and how to love yourself so you have the ability to love others. Gain the capacity to elevate love in your life so you can attract, keep and elevate the relationships you desire.

4. What makes the British Virgin Islands special?

The unique differentiator of the BVI is its proximity of islands and adventures within. Known as the Caribbean’s best sailing destination the BVI has a strong community culture, high level cuisine and 60 of the most exclusive and eco-conscious islands in the world, here Island hopping is a way of life.  The BVI also has incredible natural beauty, with stunning vistas of volcanic mountains meeting the sea, the pristine beaches and clear blue water unlike anywhere else.

The Aerial

5. What is ‘’Purpose Luxury’’ and how does that differentiate from other resorts? 

Covid showed us what matters most in life. What people are valuing in today’s world is different and clearer than ever before. True luxury is found in what money can’t buy. Money can’t buy meaning, fulfillment, or peace, but purpose can. Purpose is everything. Money enhances purpose because money is simply an expansion tool of the heart.

“Purpose Luxury” at The Aerial, means traveling to one of the world’s most stunning locations, but being able to leave an even better and more purpose driven person. At The Aerial, guests come to align their mind, body, and spirit with the long term vision they clarify for their life while on island. The immersive experience of The Aerial can be found in our commitment to elevation. Our food is specifically designed to heal and expose our guests to a new way of eating that allows them to think and feel their best.

Redemption Ranch shows the power of redemption by taking animals that were thrown away now being loved and utilized to heal others. We have incorporated large trail systems throughout the island so that guests can get out and reconnect with nature. We offer guests the ability to give back to the local community through reef clean ups, entrepreneurial mentor programs, and youth empowerment. These are a few of the many pieces of a truly unparalleled immersive experience, this is the future of travel. 

6. What amenities does the resort include?

  • Private White Sand Beach
  • Iguana Yacht
  • Infinity Pool
  • Water sports: Sea bobs, paddleboards, snorkeling, clear bottom kayaks, snorkeling gear
  • Island wide trail systems
  • Star gazing decks
  • Electric Mini Mokes
  • Recording studio: podcasts or music
  • Full tribal beach gym and Yoga platform
  • Oceanfront Spa
  • Equestrian stables and riding equipment

The Aerial

7. What activities can you facilitate? 

  • Paddleboarding
  • Outdoor movies
  • Clear bottom Kayaks
  • Horseback riding
  • Equine Therapy
  • Swimming with ponies
  • Sailing
  • Nature Tours
  • Wakeboarding, skiing, tubing, snorkeling
  • Wine and art night
  • Guiding Writing and Meditation

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