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Lifestyle | 07 Jun 21

Official Ferrari Dealer - SF Côte d'Azur Cannes

Official Ferrari Dealer - SF Côte d'Azur Cannes

Who are SFRF? What do you do?

SFRF group are one of the biggest Official Ferrari Partners in Europe with four modern Ferrari sites in France (Cannes & Aix en Provence in the South, Mulhouse & Strasbourg in the East of the country).

Our owner and president is Jeremy Mennechet, a Ferrarista (Ferrari fan) and whose passion is a crucial part of the DNA that runs right the way through the company.

We are a relatively young company by Ferrari standards but we are already making a name for ourselves with our new state of the art dealership in Mulhouse coming runner up in the Best Showroom in the 2020 global Ferrari awards (Testa Rossa Awards). We also have a few ongoing projects in the South area and we will create new high-end facilities which will offer our clients one of the best places to understand what the world of Ferrari has to offer.

Ferrari is more than just a company that builds some of the finest sports cars on the planet. It is a universe that encompasses all the elements that have made it the iconic brand it is today:

  • Sports cars and GT Luxury Cars
  • Racing – F1, Le Mans and Ferrari Challenge Cup
  • Classic Ferrari
  • Exclusive Luxury Ferrari Experiences
  • Community of Ferraristas

It is our responsibility (and genuine pleasure!) to look after all of the Ferrari needs of our customers - from helping them acquire their dream car, to caring for their Ferrari and to providing a tailored framework for them to get the most enjoyment out of all the Ferrari universe has to offer.

What is the demand like for Ferrari?

Ferrari's tireless pursuit of perfection & improvement means we have the most comprehensive and technologically advanced model line-up in Ferraris history.  Powered by award-winning engines and with jaw-dropping internationally acclaimed design, these cars provoke passion and desire.

Ferrari is a Luxury Brand and one of the cornerstones of Luxury is exclusivity, which is why there are always fewer cars available than the demand.  This scarcity has a very positive impact on the residual values of the cars. All new Ferraris also come with 7 years of maintenance included so whole-life ownership costs are attractive for this type of car. 


Ferrari is also in the news a lot for all the right reasons.  Named as the worlds strongest brand for the second year running and awarded the best employer in Italy - they are an equal gender pay company.  They were also at the very forefront of how the automotive industry handled and adapted during the recent health crisis with their Back on Track Programme. 

All of these aspects of the business are reflected in the strong share price performance over the last 7 years.

So whether you make decisions with your heart or your head, you can understand why the demand for Ferraris has never been stronger.

What does the typical buyer persona look like? 

Our client base is so varied that it would be hard to say that there is a typical persona but our customers are certainly all passionate about the Brand, and owning a Ferrari has been a lifelong dream. This is an achievement that reflects the many years of hard work and sacrifice they have endured to reach that point. With our stylish modern range of models and the fact that these cars can now be used on a very regular basis, we are also seeing an increasing trend of younger and female buyers which is fantastic.

What’s the best Ferrari ever?

As our founder Enzo Ferrari would have said – the next one! Perfection is a moving target and every new Ferrari brings more refinement, technology and style compared to the previous ones.

Most valuable

6 of the 10 most expensive cars ever sold during an auction are Ferraris. The most expensive one (also the most expensive car in the world) is by a fair margin the 250 GTO – a multiple race-winner produced in 36 pieces from 1962 to 1964, and also one of the purest designs of all time. One of these 36 cars was recently sold between private hands for 69 million euros – and we bet one of these cars will reach the 100 million euros mark in the near future. This car has even been classified as an “artwork” by the Italian Justice department – meaning that it has a special status & making 250 GTO copies illegal.

Photo 3 - 250 GTO.jpg

Best to invest in

Classiche Certified Ferrari – it’s important to really do your research before you invest in a car like this – there are many pitfalls so if you are considering one then I would always recommend speaking to an expert. We are a Ferrari Classiche Certified dealer and we advise many of our customers. We were approached by one recently who had always dreamed of owning a 275 GTS.  We sourced him the right car and we are now in the middle of doing a full refurbishment for him. Once that is finished we will Ferrari Classiche Certify the car for him which will add significant value.

Best for drivers

All of our cars have been built for maximum driver enjoyment. However, if you were looking for a car to use regularly on track, then a rear engine V8 coupe like the F8 Tributo would be perfect. Alternatively, if it was for cruising along the coast roads of the South of France with the wind in your hair, then it would be hard to beat the versatile Portofino M.


Could you tell us about the Roma?

The Ferrari Roma is the new mid-front engine V8 Berlinetta with 2 + 2 seats, featuring refined proportions and timeless design combined with unparalleled performance and handling. With its distinctive flair and style, the car is a contemporary representation of La Nuova Dolce Vita -  a carefree, pleasurable way of life that characterised Rome in the 1950s and ‘60s. It is a sports car that can truly be used on a day-to-day basis, and for those special weekends away, so is a real all-rounder but without any sacrifice on the driver engagement.  


Are there any Ferrari lifestyle events planned for the upcoming season? 

As one of the central pillars in the Ferrari Universe, the event calendar is always meticulously planned with a wide range of activities in a variety of locations. These range from local events in our region on the Cote d’Azur to track days at legendary circuits or Tours through iconic locations.  At the moment we are organising ‘Universo Ferrari’ in our showroom in Cannes which is a mini motorshow showcasing all the elements of the Ferrari world and shortly after that, we have a 2-day test drive event in St Paul De Vence just outside of Nice featuring the New Ferrari Roma and Portofino M. 

FerrariWe also have a large group of customers who will be participating in the Tour Auto - the most prestigious and historic a 5-day tour through France which starts this year near Paris and finishes locally to us in Nice. There really is an event for every customer's preference and the most important aspect of these events is spending quality time with our customers away from the normal hustle and bustle of the working week. Genuine lifelong friendships are made in this way and it’s really important to have a strong community feel amongst all our fellow passionate Ferraristas!

SF FERRARI-348.jpg

Stewart Begg | Brand Manager

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Written by Islay Robinson

Islay Robinson