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Lifestyle | 10 Jul 18

AirX: How one innovative airline is changing the face of private jet travel

AirX: How one innovative airline is changing the face of private jet travel

Private jet travel is a service that many Enness clients can benefit from but it can be difficult to know how to organise this directly. Fortunately, one innovative airline is making it easier than ever before for clients to fly whilst enjoying the benefits of booking directly as opposed to through an expensive broker.

Who are AirX?

Chairman John Matthews has a lifelong interest in aviation. As a teenager, he would clean aircraft in return for flying lessons, but the real AirX story began when he met the owner of an airline soon expected to go out of business, with a debt of £4million. Matthews purchased the firm and expanded the fleet with a savvy focus on repossessed aircraft, enabling him to turn the fortunes of the company. AirX is now a leader in the market, with an expanding fleet and prestigious celebrity clients. We sat down with AirX to find out more about how their service differentiates in comparison to competitors, how clients can benefit and what passengers can expect when they step onto an AirX aircraft.

What sort of service can passengers expect on an AirX flight? Is it as luxurious as traditional private jet travel?

In many ways, AirX flights surpass the experience of other private jets. Often, if you book a private jet in Europe you are paying for a flight on an aircraft owned by an individual that’s being let out once in a while to offset the extortionate costs of having an aircraft on the ground more than in the air. The standard of service can therefore be lacking; there probably won’t be a dedicated and trained flight attendant, the catering may not be of a high standard and the cabin may well not have been cleaned properly. Often, the reality doesn’t resemble the pictures used to advertise, which may have been taken years ago.

Onboard an AirX flight passengers can count on receiving impeccable service. Every flight has dedicated and highly-trained staff such as hostesses and properly attired pilots. Specific additional requirements can be catered for that suit your needs providing you with a totally bespoke experience.  The aircraft will arrive clean and on time and the interior will be in the condition advertised.

How does booking a flight with AirX work—can passengers book directly?

One way is to book via a broker who has access to all aircraft in the marketplace but will book AirX for the client as they know AirX has a reputable service and is competitively priced.

However, passengers may also wish to book direct to save on any fee’s that brokers may add onto the price of the flight. AirX’s Direct Client department will provide you with a seamless, dedicated service for the entire flight booking process.

What sets AirX apart from other private airlines?

There are a couple of things that AirX does differently. For a start, it operates in multiple sectors of the private charter industry and not just small private jets. For example, we have an Airbus A340 which has a capacity for 100 passengers in a VIP configuration with full lie flat seats. This enables us to cater for much larger groups in comfort and style.

Secondly, we’re able to provide a high-end service at a lower price. The reason for this is that AirX doesn’t purchase new aircraft; typically AirX buys aircraft between 8-12 years old which we can then refurbish with new cabin interiors to the high standards our passengers expect. This means our capital costs are lower so we can offer the same service at a lower price. This has led to us becoming a brand who is recognised for provided high-quality but cost-effective private flights.

Who can benefit from flying with AirX?

We have a varied combination of clients. We often work with individuals or business people who need to save time. We’re very handy for those who need to fly to a specific place with a smaller airport; often the logistics of flying into a big airport and then arranging onward travel can be too much of a hassle and can take too long.

AirX’s commercial aircrafts are invaluable for concert tours and sports teams, who have the requirement to take a large group of people from point A to point B, typically with plenty of luggage/equipment in tow. This is a cost-effective way to move large groups with heavy cargo. For example, we recently used the A340 to transport several South American teams to Russia for the World Cup. This aircraft can accommodate the team, the coaches, the support staff and the equipment in the comfort needed by athletes preparing for an important event.

We’re also valued by large groups of up to 100 people who realise that booking with us on this scale means they can get private jet travel for business class prices. Then of course, there are the royal families and governments who require a certain amount of privacy and discretion when travelling or have extra security requirements.

Does AirX have plans for expanding its fleet?

Our fleet is steadily growing; we just signed an agreement to take on an additional 8 aircraft. We’re also taking on a Lineage 1000 which will allow up to 19 passengers to complete transatlantic travel in extreme comfort.

AirX has had limited marketing over the last few years—how have you managed to grow so substantially despite this?

Historically, most of our business has been done via private chartered brokers. These brokers have chosen us for their clients because they know they can rely on the quality of our service and our punctual schedule, not to mention we’re cost-effective. The service then speaks for itself resulting in the growth of our client base purely through word of mouth.

If you would like a personal introduction to AirX please email [email protected]

AirX is one of the largest and most diverse private charter operators in Europe. The Company’s clients range from ultra-HNWI and VIPs to disaster relief aid and economy ACMI travel for regional airlines. AirX is also renowned for its large group travel capabilities catering for music tours, royal families, sporting events, corporate travel and political delegations. The Company’s diverse fleet offers Sydney to London non-stop capabilities. Its fleet consists of 4 x Citation X, 3 x Legacy 600, 6 x Challenger 850, 3 x Boeing 737 and an Airbus A340. For more information, head to their website.

Written by Hugh Wade-Jones

Hugh Wade-Jones