How to Buy and Finance Property in Jersey

How to Buy and Finance Property in Jersey - Enness Global

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About Guide

Jersey is a friendly, safe, cosmopolitan community, where traditional values sit at the very heart of a contemporary lifestyle. A beautiful island setting with stunning beaches, coastline and countryside, Jersey offers a lifestyle to suit all tastes. 

The Island is self-governing, with a stable government, independent fiscal and legal systems, and a highly respected reputation as a world-leading international finance centre. Although it is not part of the EU or the UK, Jersey has strong connections to both, is English speaking and shares the same time zone as the UK. Executives and entrepreneurs are increasingly attracted by the financial expertise, access to capital markets, and business support from first-class industry contacts and service providers that Jersey has to offer - some of the world’s leading banks, financial institutions and law firms are based here - protecting worldwide assets and helping businesses and wealth to grow.


This Guide Covers

  • Introduction to Jersey
  • Jersey Overview
  • Jersey's Property Market
  • Jersey's House Price Index
  • Eligibility to Buy Property in Jersey
  • Jersey Mortgages
  • Legal Considerations, Structuring and Tax
  • Relocating to Jersey under the High Value Residency Scheme
  • About Locate Jersey
  • Step-by-Step Process

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