Jersey Property Purchase: 3 Things You Should Know

Jersey Property Purchase: Top 3 Things You Should Know - Enness Global

While staying true to its traditions, Jersey provides a contemporary lifestyle where everyone can find something to their liking. Living on this gorgeous island with its stunning beaches, coastlines, and countryside is just one thing that makes it such a wonderful place to live. Here are the top 3 things you should know about Jersey property purchase.                    

Jersey Property Purchase Costs         

Jersey property purchase prices have increased dramatically in the last decade. In 2011, the median price of a four-bedroom house was just under £700,000. By 2020, the median cost of a four-bedroom house had risen to over £1.3 million. There have been some year-on-year changes in recent years, but in every case, houses and flats of various sizes have risen in value. Even if you don't have the proper permits/rights to purchase an investment property in Jersey, homeownership is still attractive as investments and appreciation are likely in the future. Because of the High-Value Residency Scheme, healthy demand is created for prime and luxury real estate, so if you want to benefit from it, you must purchase real estate on the island.                       

Property Supply and Demand                

There is more demand for housing than supply in Jersey. There are many great houses, but they are restricted in availability, especially those eligible for High-Value Residency. Therefore, it is critical to move the process forward as quickly as possible when you locate your ideal home since there is unlikely to be a second one available. Working with Enness ensures that you can obtain a mortgage promptly and that borrowing does not become overly cumbersome.     


Private banks (either UK-based or international) and alternative lenders may provide the most competitive rates and terms for a Jersey mortgage, depending on your profile. You may find that these parties provide more flexible and tailored finance than high street lenders in addition to interested rates and terms. If you have the required net worth and profile, you may be able to obtain interest-only or high-loan-to-value loans. These products are not always available from all of Jersey's mainstream lenders, even if you are a high-net-worth individual.     
Your interest rate for a Jersey mortgage will depend on your background and situation. Generally speaking, the more you borrow and the riskier it is for a lender, the higher your rate will be. The lowest rates are found at the cheap end of the scale for low loan-to-value financing or loans for highly mobile buyers. However, regardless of your situation, Enness can obtain the most competitive financing package for you.     

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Everything you love about Jersey—from its stunning seascapes to its rich heritage—is available in a community that's both welcoming and safe. Jersey provides the setting, whether you want a vibrant urban scene or a quiet escape. Enness can help you get the most competitive rates and terms for your Jersey property purchase, regardless of your objectives or aspirations or how much you want to borrow. Get in touch to discuss your scenario today.