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Lifestyle | 23 Feb 22

The World's Most Luxurious Murder Mystery Vacation

The World's Most Luxurious Murder Mystery Vacation

An exclusive 1920s fully immersive Murder Mystery on board the legendary Orient-Express inspired by Agatha Christie from Paris to the French Riviera.

Imagine you could open one of Agatha Christie's novels and, all of a sudden, find yourself into the book, onboard the legendary Orient-Express on your way to Nice and, as Hercule Poirot, solve the Mystery of the Blue Train.

An incredible fully immersive and luxurious Murder Mystery set in the 1920s where nothing will be what it seems. Dressed for the occasion like in a movie set, you will become the hero of your own adventure by solving The World's Most Luxurious Murder Mystery and uncovering the murderer before he could strike again to cover his tracks.


There is not a crime Poirot cannot solve, or at least, that's what we now believe when reading the marvellous novels of the Queen of Crime Agatha Christie. But what if, this time, the famous Belgian detective wasn't there? 

Would you be able to step in and solve the crime that was just committed on board the Blue Train before the train reaches its destination in the Côte d'Azur or before the murderer strikes again?

On 26 May 2022, Ariodante will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to become Hercule Poirot and solve the Mystery of the Blue Train. Onboard this historic and marvellously restored masterpiece of the Art Deco period decorated by René Lalique and René Prou where royalty, celebrities, artists and wealthy individuals used to travel to reach the French Riviera, you will take part in an extraordinary and fully immersive game of a new kind.

Orient Express - Crédits Photos Thierry Hugon.jpg

During this one-day-long experience, we will be taking you back in time (dressed head-to-toe in 1920's costumes) on an unforgettable immersive adventure across France set in the rowing twenties with all its splendour and charm.

Mystery, adventure, high gastronomy, vintage champagnes, and so much more. Never before such an immersive and exclusive experience has been done on board this rarely used historic train of the old Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits with a chance of winning an incredible reward if you win the game.


So, if you think you could solve the Mystery of the Blue Train and prevent an awful disaster from happening, just come on board and become the new Hercule Poirot during the most luxurious mystery adventure ever. 

For more information, visit Ariodante and quote ENNESS for an exclusive package