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Mary | 02 Jun 23

Enness Lifestyle FirstEdition Thirteen

Enness Lifestyle First

Photo credit: One&Only Le Saint Géran

Retail And Revitalisation

Retail and revitalisation make magnificent bedfellows. Beautiful boutique NEO, off the lobby of One&Only Le Saint Géran, has the best designer brands in Mauritius. Invest to-go in Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana, Tom Ford, Valentino – and invest to revitalise in the spa’s Bastien Gonzalez footcare. Early check-in or late departure? Luxuriate, anytime, in Le Carré’s library and full-relax areas (ELF says it shames most airlines’ first-class lounges).

Ceiling Good

Black-and-white artist Bridget Riley, 92, still concentrating on concentricity, has painted her first ceiling. It’s soft lavender, sandalwood and teal, designed by Lutyens at the British School at Rome for the 1911 International Exhibition. From there, it’s a 22-minute downhill walk to Bulgari Hotel Rome, opening on 9th June in a striking 1930s Modernist shell.

Streets Of Philadelphia

The best American walking city is Philadelphia, says US Today. Easy access, pedestrian-friendly streets and restaurants galore. Cornelia Samara, Four Seasons Philadelphia at Comcast Center boss, regularly takes Chihuahua Rosie for weekend plays in Rittenhouse Park, ten minutes away. The Norman Foster-designed hotel’s 56th-floor Presidential Suite, with 10-seat dining and working fireplace, overlooks the city. Order up Jean-Georges Philadelphia tasting menus, with JG SkyHigh's egg toast and caviar.

Resale Value

Collect whatever, as long as, for resale, it displays a brand. Louis Vuitton skateboards (code G10637) are mainly identified by LV logos on the wheels. A board designed by the late Virgil Abloh in his brief Louis Vuitton tenure has returned the seller ten times his investment at an auction last month.

Book Mallorca

Son Bunyola, Richard Branson’s island hang-out, becomes a 26-room Virgin Limited Edition resort on 16th June - it’s on a 1,300-acre UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a fully-serviced hotel satellite villa, say Sa Punta de S’Aguila (five bedrooms, one private pool). 20 nearby golf courses and 40 minutes to art-centric Deia.

Hong Kong Foodie

Hong Kong’s The Foodie, Kay Cheug, invites Upper House guests for behind-the-scene treks. The Chinese Library in Tai Kwun blends contemporary art, historic architecture and decadent Cantonese edibles. Sheung Wan Market’s open-air dai pai dong food stalls and ABC Kitchen’s Italian.

Liquid Gold

From food to drink. Veuve Clicquot sponsors two new pickleball courts at Carneros Resort & Spa in Napa. Stay and play, despite bubbles and adjacent musical distractions. Worldwide, to make money from liquid gold, Jay Bradley told Bloomberg that significant ROI in casks of new-made spirits maturing to whisky/whiskey status depends on such factors as distillery reputation (that’s why he co-founded Whiskey & Wealth Club).

Written by Mary Gostelow

Mary Gostelow