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Mary | 19 Dec 23

Enness Lifestyle FirstEdition Forty Two

Enness Lifestyle First

Hong Kong Is Ready To Party

Greg Liddell is in his element. The Australian-Mexican had barely had time to unpack and settle into his new role as General Manager of Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong before finalising details for Hong Kong’s first big party since Covid.


Champagne, Caviar & Chit-Chat

It was our 60th, he said – talking about the 501-room hotel that opened on the island side of Hong Kong Harbour in 1963. As if by mandate, 1,400 locals, the entire who’s who of Hong Kong, came to celebrate on 26th October. It was an evening of three Cs, Champagne, caviar and chit-chat, all in abundance.


Mandarin Evolution

This is an extraordinary hotel on many counts. Starting life as merely Mandarin, it was wedded to Bangkok’s also-legendary Oriental to form what is now the burgeoning Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Physically, it has little changed outside, although man-made land reclamation has added a couple of hundred yards between it and the water.


Concierges Go Contemporary

Inside, it’s no longer formal Debrett’s tradition. Concierges have cast aside black and white morning suits in favour of navy and Chinese red gear, with skirts when appropriate. A signature Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant, one of nine dining options, is now a soft blue theatre of taste rather than the pink of yore. 


Spas And Bars

Hotel-wide, 92% of those dining and drinking are Hong Kongers. How is this possible? Events like a Moet Hennessy dinner on 11th January boost awareness. Continually, new and younger followers are attracted via The Albury, a 25th-floor bar lounge with pub and living room spaces. Designed by trendy Maximal Concepts, The Albury’s hotel-run and it’s a magnet for Gen-Z success stories. These made-its also spa-visit. Angel Gonzalez Mandarin shaves and 111SKIN facials. Any age goes here. Ageism is for others. Agelessness is today’s luxury. 

Written by Mary Gostelow

Mary Gostelow