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Mary | 06 Dec 23

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Enness Lifestyle First

Magic Oman

Zighy Bay, the name, evokes a Shangri-La or Xanadu. It's on the tourist-free Musandam Peninsula, north coast of Oman (drive there, two hours from Dubai). Mahfouz Shuhaiber, below, fished there.


Eco-luxury Perfection

He's fascinating (get him to talk about his foodie grandson, 9, a YouTube phenomenon who holds his own with Piers Morgan). Get him to talk Shuhaiber – inter alia, he's a heavy-duty contractor. First, he grovelled out a zigzag road over 3,000 feet of mountains, linking world and bay. Next, wearing his architect's hat, he built eco-luxury perfection. 


Delight The Senses

It's Six Senses Zighy Bay, the ultimate today-style rustic-chic. Palm trees, on-the-sand villas with wonderful stocked wine fridges and totally private pools. Villa #19's a favourite, literally on the white-sand beach. Thai massages and paraglide from mountain tops. Fab food, much from Six Senses farm.

Cheese Lab

Visit acres of well-tended green stuff, cows, chickens and goats. A pristine cheese lab, where an Australia-trained caseiculturalist from Fiji churns out crave-for chèvre. Sounds fantasy but it's really real. 


Rustic Chic

Hotel farms, where else? In the UK, try Heckfield Place Hampshire or any of the aptly-named The Pig Hotels, old country houses given a whiff of rustic chic, old leather sofas and the biggest rainforest showers.

Winter Fashion

Wherever, play the part. In England, that needs, right now, Moncler puffers, thick sweaters and cords, wellies and Golden Goose. At Zighy Bay, year-round, go cotton, linen and loose. Vilbrequins and Helen Kaminski headwear to fight the sun. Take your pick.

Written by Mary Gostelow

Mary Gostelow