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Lifestyle | 08 Feb 24

Enness Lifestyle FirstEdition Thirty Nine

Enness Lifestyle First

Urban Gem

London’s hotel collection will never be the same. The jewel of a boutique, Mandarin Oriental – General Manager Susanne Hatje, has been popped into Hanover Square. Fenwick’s one side. Vogue headquarters the other. The hotel is a dolls’ house of a Pompidou Centre, same architect. Fifty bedrooms – ELF loves the airy 900sq ft Hanover Suite, green flowers on De Gauny wallpaper. 250-foot pool, Akira Back food.


Serene Ramadan

Don’t let Ramadan, which starts on 10th March this year, deter you from travelling to the serene Sultanate of Oman. The Chedi Muscat is Brideshead by calming waters, the long pool and the adjacent beach. As year-round, laze day- and evening-long. Ankle-length flowing skirts or deliberately creased floppy linen trousers. During Ramadan, evenings come alive with sunset iftar and sunrise pre-fast Suhur feasts.

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Savvy Soer

The savvy already know Soeur. Others are climbing on the bandwagon typified by chic casual wear anywhere and oversized. Started by financier Angélique Brion and her sister Domitille – hence the name – Soeur’s now 80% owned by Style Capital, the brainchild of fashion investor Roberta Benaglia. Seems like all these girls sense a worthwhile seam when they see it.

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Sargent's Fashion

Clothes and art, lifelong partners but a union only finally to be celebrated in Tate Britain’s Sargent and Fashion. 22 February to 7 July. Sixty paintings by John Singer Sargent, 1856-1925, many from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, plus actual garments portrayed. Here’s a 1904 likeness of socialite diarist Lady Helen Vincent, Viscountess D’Abernon, photo Sean Pathasema. Coincidentally, The Beaumont, London, which has several Sargent copies, is naming a re-done meeting space after him.


Maldives Man

Palau is being put on the global map – by Four Seasons. Under the care of their Maldives’ man, Armando Kraenzlin, they’ve repositioned the luxury-level 11-cabin Four Seasons Explorer cruise yacht. Twenty-two guests, twenty-two staff. Five-star PADI dive programme, to a wonder of coral, 1,300 species of fish, sunken Japanese planes (the battle of Peleliu in September 1944 is called the bloodiest in the Pacific).


Met Your Match 

LEGO’s not only for little’uns but their parents too. At Legoland, Florida, LEGO pit crew members build a life-size LEGO Ferrari F40. There’s built-in selfie time before creating a customised digital Ferrari. This will be projected on a LEGO racetrack based on Pista di Fiorano, Ferrari’s private race track near Maranello. Beat’em all digitally. Verstappen, you’ve met your match.

Written by Mary Gostelow

Mary Gostelow