Mortgage services for
private client advisers

Working together to achieve perfection.

Over the years we have built up a huge and growing network of private advisers and banking partners with whom we deal with on a regular basis. This takes in traditional mortgage funding through to property development, refinancing and beyond.

Trust and understanding are the foundations of our professional relationships, nurtured by an ability to deliver on our promises. We know instantly who to approach for specific funding requirements amongst our 300 plus international lending contacts.

Client advisers

Working closely with private advisers we are able to sculpture bespoke financial solutions around a client’s specific scenario. Available to speak to third party clients directly or arranging mortgage funding in the background, we are comfortable in any scenario.

We pride ourselves on an ability to bring together elements of a fragmented market to provide the best solutions for individual clients. Knowing which lenders to speak to, the information they require and specific lending criteria, we are able to deliver in a timely fashion.

Private bankers

As a leading mortgage broker we are regularly approached by private banks and other financial institutions looking to fulfil their client mortgage requirements. Working in tandem we utilise all available assets and income streams, without overstretching available finances, to maximise funding.

Our lending contacts take in the full range of leading currencies, allowing us to deliver cross-border funding and bespoke financing solutions in a timely manner. Acutely aware of regional regulatory variations, as well as international lending trends, we are a fountain of knowledge.

Injecting competition into the equation

As an independent mortgage broker we have access to more than 300 international lenders covering traditional, niche and specialised funding. This puts us in a unique position compared to those who are tied to individual parties or financial groups. Our experience and knowledge of the market means we know who to go to, the information they require and are therefore able to open doors which are closed to many other mortgage brokers.

We are also experts at negotiating; creating a platform where numerous lenders are keen to present their bespoke package solutions and secure the deal. Conscious of not only the headline interest rates but also the terms and conditions behind the scenes, we are always focused on the wider picture.

Choosing the right funding solution

When looking at potential funding solutions it is always easier to work with real-time market rates. These give private advisors, banking partners and underlying clients a wider appreciation of the cost, as well as the short, medium and long term financial liabilities. We have access to real-time rates and can present a number of different solutions for consideration. Bespoke offerings often see us “thinking outside the box” creating options which may not have been considered previously.

Obviously, any potential funding solutions will be shaped around the client’s underlying financial situation without over stretching their resources.

What we do

Trust and integrity

Trust and integrity

Over the years we have built up some very strong relationships with private advisers and private bankers. For many we are now the “go to” mortgage broker for their UHNW and HNW client needs. Comfortable speaking directly to clients, or working behind-the-scenes, we offer assistance and guidance as and when required.

Proactive assistance

Proactive assistance

At Enness we prefer to lead whether looking at traditional or bespoke funding solutions. Our experience over the years stands us in good stead, giving us the ability and confidence to suggest alternative methods to raise finance for clients. Proactive rather than reactive, we pride ourselves on an ability to think outside the box.

Competition is the  key

Competition is the key

Using our contacts and experience we inject competition into our fundraising activities to secure the best possible terms. We know who to speak to, the information they require and how this should be presented to maximise funding. We like to lead where the rest follow, using our contacts and experience to the benefit of our private advisor/private banking associates.

How we work

How we work

Upon receipt of the mortgage request we can begin researching the best rates and structures.

how we work

We will provide indicative terms for lending outlining details on rate, borrowing amount, repayment type and fees.

how we work

Once indicative terms are agreed, we will arrange for the relevant paperwork required to prove eligibility, income and security. 

The Global High  Net Worth  Mortgage Guide

The Global High Net Worth Mortgage Guide

The annual Enness Global High Net Worth Mortgage Guide not only covers the different types of finance available and typical mortgage terms, but also provides a practical roadmap of the world’s leading luxury property locations. 

In this book, we look at numerous luxury property markets, including London, Côte d’Azur, French Alps, Monaco, Marbella & Balearics, Geneva, Zürich, Lugano, Lake Como, Rome & Milan, Algarve & Quint do Lago, Lisbon, Marrakech, Dubai, New York, St Barts and The Bahamas. 

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