Daniel Howarth


Before joining Enness’ International team, Daniel spent three years at an international mortgage brokerage organising ultra-high net worth loans for non-domiciliaries in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. With a lot of experience dealing with high net worth clients seeking international mortgages, Daniel prides himself on his comprehensive technical understanding of international credit and his specialty is his ability to break down clients’ complex financial profiles.

Daniel is an accomplished linguist who is bilingual in both French and Spanish from his joint honours French and History degree from the University of Southampton and various years working in each country. He developed his French language skills spending a year in Calais teaching English to under-privileged children and he is well versed in French culture from working in Normandy for another four months. This was followed by a year in Lanzarote working as a Scuba Diving instructor whilst teaching French at a local school and learning Spanish in a real-world environment.

Outside of the office, Daniel runs a local café “Polyglott”, where second language speakers meet up with first language speakers to practise their language skills. When he is not broking international high net worth mortgages or developing the language skills of himself and others, Daniel is a PADI qualified Scuba Instructor who has dived in the Maldives, Egypt, Canary Islands, Australia, Thailand, Canada, Iceland and the UK.

Daniel Howarth

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