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Mary | 15 Mar 24

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Stairway To Heaven

It’s a big responsibility being sixth generation hoteliers, admit twins Roberto and Veruschka Wirth, hands-on proprietors of Hotel Hassler Roma, Stairway to Heaven.

Double Delight

In June 2022, when they were 30, they were unexpectedly propelled into the top roles. They share emails and an office - though Veruschka likes sitting at their grandmother Carmen Wirth’s favourite bar perch. Roberto, the President, mainly handles administration and finance. Veruschka, as CEO, oversees development, operations, sales and marketing (The Hassler’s a Leading Hotel of the World). But as twins are, either can do whatever.

The Day Has Come 

They never refer to the other by name. It’s my brother, my sister. No fights and disagreements are quickly settled. They knew that one day they would inherit, and they were ready. Roberto, whose out-of-work passions remain golf and snowboarding, worked around at Four Seasons Park Lane in London. Veruschka did the same at The Newbury in Boston MA.

Historic Hassler 

Interestingly, in their quest to make the historic Hassler even more renowned, both benchmark overseas. In London, it’s Claridges. In Paris it’s Four Seasons George V and Ritz Paris. They own a sprinkling of other properties around Italy, but their goal is to make what they already have better rather than seek expansion.

Sittting Pretty

Our spa is going underground, says one. That gives another suite overlooking the Spanish Steps, says the twin. The 87-room Hassler is, in fact, directly above the Steps. In one favourite suite, #508, a lifesize china Dalmatian, sitting guard on a small balcony, fools many reaching the top of the Steps.

131 Years

The first Hassler opened in 1893. It was rebuilt in 1939, in time, as it turned out, to become Rome's base for the US Air Force during WWII. The seven-floor hotel re-opened publicly in 1947.

Gran Deluxe Suite Hassler Bedroom- Hassler Roma - credit Genivs Loci-min.jpeg

The Mastermind

Oscar Wirth, a scion of this hospitality heritage, masterminded the ‘new’ Hassler – Oscar, like Roberto, is a Wirth brand (Roberto’s son, arriving shortly, will be Oscar).

Turtle After Turtle 

Names and shapes re-appear at The Hassler. Bathroom toiletries are Amorevo, the house olive oil is Vero – VE for Veruschka, RO for Roberto. Turtles, be they one-bite chocolates, turtle-shaped chairs or statues, are omnipresent, a reminder of the twins’ late father’s favourite animal.


We are traditional, but we are not old, stresses Veruschka firmly.

Written by Mary Gostelow

Mary Gostelow